Why Poker Tactics?

How much Cashback can i get through Poker-Tactics?

The bonus System from Poker Tactics is optimised for every player at every stakes. Our Partners provide us the best deals possible to insure the increasing anmount of players. High Rakers can expect between 90% and 110% cashback each month. Low Rakers players will get the biggest advantage becuse they will get 80-90% cashback or more.

Players can get even up to 110% through rake races.

We support Cashgame, MMT AND SitnGO players.

Each offer is personal. You have to contact our support on Skype or Email to know what our personal Deals contains.

Build you own Business

Every new player can be a great deal to YOU. We share our comissions we get from our Partners. You can choose for each new player that you bring to us if you want to get a % or fix $ anmount. The % depends on the rake and the activity of the player that you made join Poker tactics. Its more than just reffering someone! You can build a really great income only by getting new players.

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Poker Tactics

Who are Poker Tactics? Poker-Tactics, online since 2010, quickly became one of t

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The Advantages for refering a friend are more than awesome. You can get a % of the Pl

How can I join PT?

If you want to know how you can Sign up with us and play with Poker Tactics, please h