iPoker announces changes in their game offerings


1. Currency consolidation

Currently iPoker's cash games offering is mostly in USD. The network’s activity proves that in some stakes, EUR and GBP tables are equal or higher in popularity than the USD tables. Thus, the network will undergo a USD phase out process, and by the end of it only EUR and GBP will be offered. 

Tournament buy-ins will change to EUR as well.

2. Clear, simple, and accessible games offering

With the majority of players looking for fun, fast, and easy to find games, iPoker want to give them just that. They are also looking ahead for mobile players, and want to make sure it is even easier for them to find their game and start playing. They will therefore condense their offering by having less negligible sitting options, but in a way that will allow them to keep all games variants. Right now there are seven different table types, in three currencies in both turbo and normal action times. iPoker will soon only offer four types (Shallow, normal, ante and anonymous) with 18 second action time. Players will also be able to enjoy them from a much more accessible lobby.

3. Staying up to date with the market trends

Over the past two years iPoker have implemented many features that has enriched their games selection; KO and Shootout tournaments, antes in cash tables, and more. They have also added features that allow them to provide a better poker experience which has at the same time made some of their tables redundant, such as the recently added time bank on cash tables. iPoker will therefore update their games selection with recent industry trends, adding or removing games to result in a better poker portfolio.

4. Protecting players' funds

iPoker's efforts to optimise their games selection does not end with the above actions of condensing and reducing variants. They are also looking at their games selection with a clear aim to protect less skilled players that tend to lose their money, having analysed the loss per player for every stake. With this analysis iPoker have identified specific stakes which they will remove.


Source: Pokerstrategy

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